Tobacco is the single greatest preventable cause of death and disease in the world.

Tobacco prevention and cessation must be addressed. The ECI Eliminate Tobacco program is a global tobacco control effort that integrates policy, education and services to eliminate tobacco use for the next generation.

1 Billion

individuals will die from tobacco over the next century

15 Countries

use child labour to grow tobacco

2.1 Trillion

annually is the global cost of tobacco


of the world's 1.25 billion smokers live in low and middle-income countries with virtually no access to modern cancer care


Why we must raise the age of tobacco purchase from 18 to 21

  • 95% of adult smokers start under 21
  • Big Tobacco is exploiting their best customer - children
  • Every minute of every day, a young adult aged 18-21 becomes hooked on smoking for life
  • Worldwide 25 million children smoke more than 800 million packs of cigarettes per year, resulting in almost half a billion dollars in cigarette company profits per annum

What the tobacco industry themselves have said:

“Raising the legal minimum age for cigarette purchaser to 21 could gut our key young adult market (17-20) where we sell about 25 billion cigarettes and enjoy a 70 percent market share,”
- Philip Morris -

Australia stats

  • Big tobacco exhausts $31.5 billion from our economy annually. With only $10 billion returned to the Commonwealth in taxes, that’s $20 billion annual loss: enough to build 10 sate of the art hospitals each year
  • Every year tobacco kills 15,000 Australians, causes 1 in every 10 deaths, which is 14 times as many deaths as alcohol and 17 times the number of deaths due to illicit drug use
  • Tobacco is responsible for 87% of drug related deaths
  • If another country was doing this to our children we would be at war

ECI Position Statement on e-cigarettes in Australia

There continues to be insufficient scientific evidence to support the use of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation device. In addition, there is increasing evidence of direct health harm related to the use of e-cigarettes, and there is also insufficient evidence to support the less-harm position with regard to e-cigarette use.